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I still play the flute (both classical and improvisational) and manage to stay incredibly busy with work and life. Please let me know if you're looking for someone like me to bring your project to fruition.


Yes, I am a Harvard graduate. (No, you don't have to know the year.) The only thing you really have to know about me is that I love my work and I'm good at it. With that said, my husband used to tell people that I channel my writers' voices, and the truth of this statement is something I've only begun to really appreciate. I am passionate and dedicated. I am smart and honest, and I like a good laugh. I develop relationships with my clients that often morph into deep friendships regardless of distance. I've worked with people from Ireland, Canada, Bali, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, and the good old  U.S. of A. and have been absolutely amazed at how easy it is to do business across the globe. For a former musician and corporate trainer who lives on the coast of Oregon in a small town of 3000 by the ocean, being able to develop a business that is based on technology is nothing short of brilliant!

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